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So after spending about a decade reading and commenting on other people’s blogs, I’ve finally decided to start one of my own. Don’t know how much time I’ll be able to devote to this endeavor. I guess we’ll see.

Comment threads on my favorite blogs tend to move quickly, and with my schedule being what it is, I often don’t have time to sit down and craft a response until days later when the discussion has died down or shifted to other topics. This blog will give me the opportunity to compose my thoughts in my own time. It will also allow me to address issues I feel don’t get enough attention without derailing a comment thread on someone else’s blog (something I’m definitely not a fan of).

What I haven’t decided yet is how personal this blog is going to be. Some feminist bloggers avoid discussing their own experiences with rape, sexual harassment, domestic violence, etc. and with good reason. In addition to the trolls who appear fairly routinely to tell victims of gender-motivated violence that they had it coming, there are those who believe that victims of such violence can’t be “objective” and are hence not to be taken (as) seriously in a debate. Added stigma attaches to survivors whose experiences fall outside the realm of what the typically white, middle class blog reader can relate to. And yet those voices are particularly important. Ultimately, though, every blogger has to decide for themselves how open they can afford to be about their background and personal life. As much as I may (sometimes) want to speak publicly about my experiences, I may not be able to.


Posted January 16, 2011 by Sasha in Blogging, This & That

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  1. Hello, I’ve added you to my Google Reader list. I like reading what you have to say. I’ve also quoted your article in response to the Nancy Leong about street harassment in an entry in my blog. I’m not sure what blogger etiquette is, but I thought I should tell you. I very new to this blogging business and quite nervous about commenting in case you go and look at my blog! I would do it anonymously but I’ve forgotten my password and don’t want to sign out and go through the hassle of getting a new password. I’m just writing for myself at the moment. Maybe when I get braver I’ll start to publicise it more.


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