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Posted April 2, 2011 by Sasha

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  1. Thank you for your posts I will contribute a donation soon. I am too much right now but in a couple weeks I can get back to more. I am sorry you have trouble with your dog and feel kinda messed up right now. I know it can be expensive to help pets at the vet. I see how you mean that no one seems to care or want to help. I think you should Keep looking for help, I hope you will find helpful friends and people generally. I should look for more helpful friendships, too. There will be good work to find or making an extra contribution through advocacy and calling for improvements. People try their best, often, to help one another. There is so much confusion and PTSD in the world right now, it seems to me, that this may make it a challenge for everyone. Some great articles, by you, really. You are making a difference. Have you thought about contacting people like Jessica Valenti and Soraya Chemaly to see if they can make use of your pieces? I wonder if that will be a small help?

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